Why do I suck?

I bought this game yesterday, and I can’t seem to get past the 5 year mark.

My band seems pretty motivated…I am not sure what the guidelines are to making it past 5 years…


The game is set so you don’t go past five years. The goal is to be very famous at the end of the five years. If you want to go longer you have to mod the game yourself.

oh, neat…got it. Changed it, also…

Why 5 years then?
I mean is it actually possible to achieve some significant results in this time?
I just wanna know if I’m doing things wrong if my band gains like 15% final score after 5 years…

you can reach 300 fame and earn iover a hundred thousand dollars in five years. You just need to be very tactical about how you spend your time (and money). Make sure you make full use of selling merchandise. especially at charity gigs where you didn’t need to pay to hire the venue.

Seconded on the merchandise. Getting even twenty t-shirts can boost income. When you are able, get the biggest lots since it’s a lower per item cost and you’ll see that the sales can rival ticket income if not exceed it.

Hello, I bought this game 10 minutes after I played the demo. I find it to be the best type of rockstar game out there. My prob is … I must not be so good at managing a band. I cannot seem to keep my people from being tired, plus I don’t seem to get enough hyp. Any suggestions for me? I don’t really want to mod the game. I like it being a real challenge.
any help would be greatly appreciated …

Brades :smiling_imp:

Do nothing helps reducing the tiredness.

Hype … aka publicity … posters, radio interviews, web stations, flyers, charity gigs …

BTW, how the number of people at a concert is determined?
Hype? Fame? What else? And how much does it depend on each?..

the upper limit depends on how famous you are. How many actually show up depends on your current level of hype. So if hype is at its maximum, you should be able to fill the venue that is appropriate for your current level of fame.
Fame is like long term popularity. Hype is how much your fans are aware of your current touring plans.

But is there a difference in how the hype rises if I’m famous or unknown?
And how does the chance of interview stuff to occur instead of having to post flyers, when you’re playing on a stadium already.