Will there be multiplayer?

Hi guys

just like the title say, my question is will it come true ?
Thought would be fun to play with friends


Its extremely unlikely. Retrofitting a single player game to include multiplayer functionality is very very tricky…

We’ll have to get GoDarklight in here, he managed to make Kerbal Space Program multiplayer :smiley:

I wish someone would make a multiplayer version of “solitaire”. I get tired of playing that game all by myself.

The first results on google show either casino-bullsh*t or a perfect proof why adding multiplayer to a singleplayer game doesn’t make it any better :smiley:

To be fair though, we already have a sort of multiplayer in the game in the form of AIs. Sure, our interaction with them is limited, but replacing them with players doesn’t seem like it would be terribly difficult, at least in terms of gameplay adaptation (I realize the back end coding, especially for things like netcode is an entirely different story)

Hello there,
I was going to write a completely new post, but I thought I’d tag along here. I just recently bought Democracy 4 and I love what I am seeing, but I see some much opportunity in multiplayer.

I’ve been speaking to my friend with whom I speak about politics all the time and I can imagine this game having an alternative gameplay mechanic where you become the opposition party and try to win the electorate with a combination of reactions to policies passed. This could also include actual parliament/legislative branch style mechanics where parties may come to agree on/block specific laws while at the same time trying to win the next elections.

Anyhow, not sure what is in the pipeline, but this seems like a great way for people to have fun while actually learning how policies interact with each other, and more than that, how you actually talk about contentious issues like I have for the past 2 weeks.

Any further ideas on how this could develop despite the difficulties?