Win/Earn a model spaceship

Ever wanted to own a model Centurion Cruiser?

Now you can. Read how to do it here: … model.html
And tell everyone! :smiley:

question… if i dont win u cant use my poster right?
also can the “poster” be moving (so a flash document) like the samples?

Yup it can be flash, but if its flash ti needs to meet the guideliens listed on that page.
I won’t use a banner that doesn’t win.

fair enough, guess i’ll try :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: just read the flash requirements.

does flash cs4 work? it says version 4 - 10 so idk wat it means
how does the clickTAG thingy work? cuz I rly dont think dat instruction is clear enough…

yup CS4 will work. The clicktag thing is basically sticking some code in the banner so that the url to visit when its clicked on can be passed to it remotely. I think thats how google works, because it ahs to add all sorts of parameters to bill you for the click as the advertiser.
Best to avoid making a flash banner unless the ClickTag thing is familiar tbh.

Slighly offtopic, but the “Fire Phasers Now, My Lord!” poster is not bad at all. For those that do not know, it’s referring to Evony’s infamous pr0n banner. Possibly the only thing wrong with it is that popcap already used the same joke for the Plants vs. Zombies marketing campaign.