Gratuitous polish: AZERTY support?

Not a real game-breaking issue for me, but still mildly annoying when designing ships and making challenge-taunts.
It would still be nice if the game looked at the keyboard config used by windows instead of forcing QWERTY on me.
(and if so, maybe adding a WASD/ESDF switch in the options menu to avoid keyboard-scrolling mockups? I’m not a programmer, so I have no clue about the behind-the-scenes workings needed to implement this)

Unrelated observations: missiles
I’ve noticed that when the missile launcher (or the ship the ML is attached to) blows up, the missile self-destructs as well. I assume this is working as intended, that the missile launcher needs to guide the missile from launch to target (cfr missiles not firing when there’s still a missile underway). Are fire and forget missiles viable within the engine?
Also, why can fighters (high-speed physical objects) fly through shields, while missiles (high-speed physical objects) can not?
(probably balance-related, but still…)

Signing off and getting back to some gratuitous carnage,

Regarding the missiles, I thought about that one too. They should go straight through enemy shields. Would give missiles a reason to be used too, as at the moment they seem to be underpowered because of the Plasma alternatives. People might actually decide to use point defence modules then too…