Windows 7 x64 + GSB = Lots of Graphical Glitches

Well, topics name says for itself :slight_smile:
Not so long ago (yesterday) I ran GSB under my new Windows 7 x64 bit Professional (nVidia GTX 560 Ti, driver 290.36) and encountered a lot of them:

While holding and placing ships (after being placed they are smooth/have AA):

Under XP they are smooth if I remember correctly:

Always jumps between not very smooth and smooth if zoomed out:

Always jumps between smooth and not smooth (Smooth always, only if mouse over. This unknown line exist sometimes):
Present in both, Fullscreen in Windowed modes!

Under XP they re-sized smoothly if I remember correctly:

Most strange part => These bugs present only if game is launched in Full-Screen Mode… Mostly…
Cliffski, we have a problem here… With Full-Screen mode…