Windows 8 fullscreen/windowed mode problems

Just picked this game up on the latest humble bundle, and I can’t get the game to display in fullscreen. The game still has the minimize, maximize, and close buttons and a title bar at the top, making any text or buttons at the top unusable.

Also the game cannot be put into windowed mode. Every time I turn fullscreen off in the options, nothing changes and the options resets itself to on.

Any help?


I have the same problem than Cheesemaster64, bought the game on the latest humble bundle and the game has the same graphic problem .

Also the game has crashed once during the tutorial just before the last step, and starting the first game, after setting all the details.

How can I send the debugdata?


I got this Working in Windows 8 and here is what I did:

  1. Right click on Democracy 2 in steam, click properties. Then click on the “Local Files” tab, and click “Browse Local Files”. This will open your Democracy 2 game directory in Windows Explorer.
  2. Right click on Democracy2.exe and select “Troubleshoot Compatibility”.
  3. Windows will scan the executable and determine a compatibility level. Click “Try Recommended Settings”.
  4. Windows will now tell you it’s guessed Windows XP Service Pack 3 Compatibility would be best, and you must click “Test the Program”.
  5. This may prompt you for administrative privlidges, if so click okay.
  6. Now the game will run. Go into Options and Un-select Full Screen Mode. This should immediately pop the game into Windowed Mode.
  7. now start a new game, and click next until you get to the screen with the buttons across the top. If you can see ALL of those buttons, you’re fixed! If you only see half of those buttons, then I’m sorry, you’ll need to debug further.

I hope this helps!

When I uncheck the box to fullscreen, it goes into windows mode for a second, then I’m stuck with fullscreen again. Your debug does work to fix other settings though, such as sound effects. I didn’t buy it for Steam, so I might be in a hopeless position.