won't start!!

I downloaded the demo version and it won’t start. It keeps telling me to check for support on the website. HELP!!!

the first thing to do is ensure you have the latest drivers for your video card. if it still doesnt work make absolutely sure you dont have any viruses or spyware, its worth using a free checker like spybot, adaware or the microsoft antispyware app.
Also try rebooting and trying again. If your vidoe card is an intel one, you need to go to our support page and read the details there.
Failing that, you should right click the icon (if using windows XP) and try the ‘compatibility mode’ options.
If you have a firewall, the game may be triggering it, due to the startup code that can (on some machines) try and ‘ping’ microsoft to check for the security certificate. This is nothing to worry about, as you can tell your firewall to block the game and it will run perfectly, but it may be waiting for you to check a box in your firewall.
I hope that helps