Wow Simple Multiplayer!!!!

I can’t believe I did not think of this, it is so simple!!!

I would love to be able to hotseat the regular game!!! I would be able to play against my son, without needing an internet connection or another computer!!!


Click “Hot Seat”
Select # of players on each side (in this case 1 player on each side 1 vs 1).
Select map (like creating a custom challenge)
Player 1 deploys and clicks “Fight”.
Player 2 now deploys and clicks “Fight” (cannot see player 1’s deployment).
The battle fights both deployed fleets, as if one was the player and the other was a downloaded challenge (yes it would be nice if clicking on any ship (either side) would show the ship data but I’d be willing to forgo that to get this functionality).

Yes both players would be able to see the same designs (there is only one repository of ship designs). But they wouldn’t know what ships where used.

Also this would be very easy to allow for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 players!!! Imagine 1 v 3 hotseat!! We know from the campaign that different races fight together with no problems. So stack the deployments of each player and you have simple hotseat multiplayer.

1 V 1

    2.a         1 vs 2 match (the "1" should be vertically centered)
1 V 2.b

1.a   2.a       2 vs 2 match
1.b V 2.b

1.a   2.a       2 V 3 match (1s should be vertically centered)
1.b V 2.b

Each participant gets an equal split of resources for their side. 2 players: 50% each of pilots and credits for their side. If their opponent was a single player he would have 100% of the pilots and credits, if 3 players they would each have 33%.

that would finally get me another game i could terrorize my girlfriend in :smiley:
love the idea

/signed with a platinum pen

And once you get this implimented, it could be pretty simple to make an online multiplayer. Get something like this where the people on each side are in an integrated chatroom, working on the 8 person fleet of death v another 8 person fleet of doom!

i think this could pretty much raise the replayability and atractiveness of GSB atleast tenfold

nothing like laughing in the face of your opponent while you grind his ships down to metal shavings… no downloadable challenge can provide that

I was thinking something more positive then that xD
But yes, gloating too :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 signed


Oh Hells Yes

Honestly, I think this is part of the large number of things Cliff should either include in GSBv2.0 Mega-Patch, or in GSB’s sequal. I’m not entirely sure he realizes just HOW popular GSB is, or how well it’s permiated the community. I started playing in my school’s cyber-cafe and get at least 3-4 people coming up to me asking if GSB is really as awesome as it seems. Not people asking me what i’m playing, people recognizing it. (The answer is of COURSE always a firm “YES”) GSB has the potential, with work and some more features, to really push forward and become a sustained presence.

This multiplayer feature is one of them. An addon sorting menu is another, multiple campaign maps… Lots of little things that, if all implimented, would make (in at least my and one other person’s opinion) GSB go from a well known indy game into something perhaps even in the realm of minecraft

please stop insulting GSB by comparing it to minecraft? kthxbye

well,things can always be improved upon… i guess the question now is if Cliff wants to continue expanding on this,or if he wants to create it from scratch and incorporate all of these features into GSB 2 (or something like that anyway)
personally,i dont really know,but it “might” be better to start v2 from scratch… afterall GSB isnt really built to prevent unwanted stuff from happening on MP (mod cheating anyone?),then you have those thousands of tiny little improvements you could do but would be too much of a hassle adapting the current code for them… and then theres the inevitable discussion that will come up either way… if there should be a degree of direct control,even if limited… blah blah blah… you know what i mean

alltho the final point is that… having this in GSB as it is now would be fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Thunderhead, i was merely using the comparason as it’s been cited as Cliff as a breakaway indy game. GSB>minecraft, ever day

I know exactly what you mean. Personally I hope that after Cliff finishes whatever his big secret project is he’ll realize how awesome GSB was, and want to make it EVEN MORE AWESOME!!11!1! (yes, caps and 1 spam is intentional)

So I was going to make a thread about this, but then I used the search function to avoid making a duplicate thread. Not sure if that would be preferable to necroing a post though, oh well. Anyway, ever since I first got Gratuitous Space Battles (back when only one DLC had been released), I’ve always wanted a multiplayer mode. This desire originated when I saw the tournament thread which pitted player made armies against each other. These battles were then posted on youtube and it was truly exciting watching these conflicts unfold as both sides had a tangible stake in the outcome.

It would be amazing to even have an offline hot-seat multi-player mode, but just imagine how far this could evolve. Once an offline modes is made which would already add immensely to replay value, an online mode could be implemented. We could even have some kind of ELO match-making system and perhaps a ladder. That would be amazing and I’m sure would continually draw people back to the game. Even if a competitive multi-player is not viable due to lack of balance between races or whatever other reason, then a simple online multi-player just for single un-tracked battles would still be great!

I haven’t played the new conquest mode yet, but if eventually an online mode of that could be made, I’m sure it would be astounding as both sides would have to adapt to the tactical decisions of human players that the AI is incapable of making. Multi-player just adds so much to the replayability of a game that I’m Gratuitous Space Battles would benefit from it greatly regardless of which aspects of the game you wish to make multi-player, be it Conquest mode, simple battles, or a Ladder system.

Thank you for this wonderful game and for continuing to bring us so many great features!

I think all the people will agree that this is a good idea but: we need to have in mind that maybe clinfski is aware of this idea and other important ones, but when he developed the game time ago i assume he didnt expect such a success, and a game like gsb is made step by step, clinfski added the campaign cuz im sure he was thinking on that time ago, but he didnt include it on the original game due to lack of time, or just cuz he was “testing” the game. Im sure we will see more important updates (and definitely this will be a very good one), now that i think GSB is more than a Game -.-

id like this if only for the reason of being able to set up test runs of my ships verses there intended type of targets to determining if the build is worth keeping or not


I’m no techie, but I’d assume that this would probably not be that difficult to do. Seems like you’d just need to add a new button and some display windows, then tack on a slightly modified version of the Challenge mode. Probably, the benefits would outweigh the amount of work by a ridiculous amount.

I agree. I think that this would massively increase the popularity, especially given that my friends aren’t exactly dying to give away $20 left right and centre. This would really boost the replyability though.

Signed sealed and delivered :smiley:

The question is, will something like this be in Positech 4.0?

Registered just to say this:

At some point i’m just going to make a thread called “Suggestions Ramcat and LKohime came up with.”
We’ve been talking about some more concepts, perhaps i’ll give you a peak soon…

Cool new stuff :smiley: