You shouldn't be charged for dragging new conveyors over existing ones (in some cases anyway)

There is an inconsistency when dragging conveyors (resource or vehicle) over themselves in an effort to change direction (if applicable) or refresh the connection graphics. As an example, if a vehicle conveyor was a T-intersection and I reconfigured such that it’s just an L, the corner still graphically displays like it’s a T with one leg not being connected. Dragging a new conveyor over this refreshed the display, but I’m charged for two new conveyors. The same applies for switching direction of vehicle conveyors. While it makes sense for this to cost some money, I don’t think it should be the full amount, or at least should automatically refund me half the funds, saving me the need of bulldozing all existing conveyors.

Resource conveyors seem to account for this somewhat. Dragging new resource conveyors over existing ones updates connections, but doesn’t charge again.

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