Youtube playlist: starting from scratch!


In the thread about clearing saved progress, I was asked to provide links once I start making Gratuitous Space Battle videos. So here’s the playlist! … jE8gCfgQ6h

I didn’t want to provide the link until I had at least a few videos up to prove that I wasn’t going to make one vid and give up. The plan is two videos per single player map. I might move from normal->expert to hard->expert in the future. Feedback is always welcome.


Next video on the playlist:

Watch as I struggle to talk about things other than Gratuitous Space Battles 1 and how great it is!


GSB1 is amazing. I wish i could say the same about GSB2 :slight_smile:


give gsb2 some time. gsb1 is 6 years (probably not right) old. We (cliffski) hasn’t had time to add all the same functionality of gsb 1 yet

#5 …

In this video, it occurred to me that I might not be doing this whole video thing the right way. It’s kind of strange, fighting battles the optimal way every time is not always the most interesting thing to watch.


Next in the series: …

Fighters don’t work? I’LL MAKE THEM WORK. RAAAR.

#7 …

It’s probably a good thing that there are no war crimes in gratuitous space battles.


Conventional is the new unconventional! …

Also, I agree that Gratuitous space battles 1 is amazing. I’ve been considering a video series about that game, but one thing at a time.


Regdren its nice to find a video series on the Gratuitous Space Games 2, thank you


Thanks very much! I’m sorry I took so long to make the next vid. Here it is: …

I wonder if posting a challenge on the no tractor beams map would bring in a better variety of fleet designs.


This time my brother shows off his style! My carpets are damaged because he dragged his feet super-hard with the recording and rendering, but it’s finally up. I’ll do the rest of the vids myself so it should be updated semi-regularly from now on.


Oh dang. This time the delay was my fault. I blame the holidays. …

#13 …

It’s a little odd that the small battles are at the end. I don’t mind, it just feels unusual.