[1.15] Comms typos

8 = “Looks like that hit the spot. I’m going to be generous and not target he escape pods this time.”

1 = “Holy meteor! my console just exploded!”

1 = “Shields are now under 50%. I much prefer it when the shields are above 50% Did I mention that?”

0 = “Looks like the enemy has some sort of missile-guidance scrambling technology. dang!”

0 = “We just exhausted this stock of repair supplies. Requesting resupply urgently.”
^questionable. it might give the wrong impression, and cause people to search for a means of resupplying.

p.s. the anti-fighter frigates like to monopolize the comms with their fighter kills… maybe fighters should trigger the message less often? i dunno. I like the comms overall though. :smiley:

Indeed. This is the first patch with it in, so it will take some settling down, with feedback on what people like and don’t like, and other ideas. This is good feedback, cheers.

It would be nice if it was possible to reduce the opacity of the background of the comms. I recently had a battle where most of the ships where fly up behind the comms and I couldn’t see what was going on.
Or make it possible to move the comms.

Some additional suggestions for the comms off the top of my head:
Make it resizable.
Highlight the ship that is making sending the communication. May just some “radio waves” coming off it or something.
If you click the ships name it should follow them, not just center on them.