[1.19] transition crashes

the auto-disable feature isn’t … which made it hard to get into options to turn it off.

disabling it by hand in config.txt stopped the crashes (they were of the “send this info to microsoft?” flavour)

Dang. It seemed to do it ok on my tests. Anyone else got a similar problem?

it was a cruddy intel integrated chipset. no idea how much memory, sorry.
shouldn’t you be able to query the card capabilities?

You can, but many cards lie horribly about whether its actual video memory or main system memory they ‘borrow’. Theres a big difference in terms of where the memory is, and what capability the card has in terms of using it, but the generally accepted method when allocating it is just to keep going until you run out.
The game should detect that it ran out, and not try allocating that much again (effectively disabling the transitions)