1.24 Slowdowns and crash when spamming decoy projectors

I never experienced slowdowns (even with 4x speed) until now. FIY: I also played the beta.

Today I experienced massive slowdowns when playing the online challenge no. 5189961. I did not increase play speed and it even crashed the game 3 times out of 4. My opponent and me, both used lots of decoy projectors. This is the cause.

I uploaded challgenge no. 5190009 with lots of decoy projectors for further testing. WARNING THIS CHALLENGE MAY CRASH YOUR GAME.

Interesting, thanks for uploading such a specific example, I shall definitely investigate.

Hi, I just tried 5190009 in debug and tried to get it to crash. It didn’t, but it was slow, although that was in debug and it does have a LOT of stuff going on :D. I will try to optimize the code better in future updates, but obviously I really want it to crash so I can fix that, so I’ll keep trying it. Does it only crash when both sides use decoys?

I’m sorry, my text was misleading, presumably.

I tried it again today. The game crashes with challenge [size=150]5189961[/size] (5190009 does slowdown the game but does not crash it!).

My fleet had also decoys in it. I am going to submit the fleet I am using as a challenge (ok, it’s challenge no. 5190065)

No. 5189961 (online) vs no. 5190065 (local) crashes on my side. I don’t know if you can take my fleet from the server to test both fleets against each other.
If you can, wait some time until both sides begin to fire, then pan left-right a lot (dragging mouse). The game crashes when my fleet reaches approx. 82-76%.

I don’t know if it has to do with panning, but it always crashed when I panned around (Monitor is 1920x1080, so I need to pan if I want to see the action).

Additinal info: Contrary to my initial post, I can’t observe much slowdown before the crash, if il let the speed at 1x.