1.36 - Custom Battle Fleet deployments disappear

I love the new patch. Thanks for the pixel-perfect movement with the keyboard.

That said, I’ve just gotten into custom battles, and I’m noticing problems with it. Firstly, I can’t drag the deployment zones in any direction besides down and to the right, which is a problem when I want them to go all the way to the edge of the map. I suppose I could edit the text files for this, but it’s not the biggest issue.

No, the biggest issue is that fleet deployments vanish when I click the “Swap Fleets” button. The budget has still been spent, but I can’t see the ships, much less select them and give them orders. This makes custom battles very hard to set up.

I’ve linked to some screenshots below:
Before I click Swap Fleet…

…And after. Note that the budget has been spent despite my ship not being visible.

I fixed this temporarily by deleting the temporary fleet deployment text files, but I thought this bug was worth mentioning.

Hi, glad you like the patch, and sorry you have encountered a bug :frowning: I shall take a look at it and see if I can get a fix sooner rather than later. Thankyou for reporting it.

Ok, this bug has been fixed for the next patch 1.38, sorry about that and thankyou for reporting it!