1.37 - Gunship Trails, Ship Customizer Copy/Paste

So far this game’s been really good, however apart from the occasionally crashing at the beginning or end of a battle I have noticed some minor bugs:

The first being that the Gunships trails are really far apart, they’re not even on the gunship they float next to it when it flys around. Apart from that they look normal though. I have checked in the Ship Customizer where I placed them and they are right on the engines. I’ve got some screenshots here:

The only other thing which bothered me was if you want to copy more than one thing at a time in the Ship Customizer, it doesn’t always copy all of your selection, unless its a composite.
Usually I select say, 2 items to copy then click the duplicate button, move it, then on its old spot (where the original should be) there is only 1 item there. Although sometimes I have noticed that it appears to have copied but has selected the original and the duplicate after copying instead of just the copy. So it moves both.

Nothing gamebreaking, just annoying :confused:

Thats so weird. Can you send me the ship that has this trails problem? Or is it all ships? My email is cliff AT positech dot co dot uk, and the ships can be found within
\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles2\ships

I’ve sent you the gunship files, however it Does happen to all of them so it might be something else unfortunately.

Hey, this will be fixed in version 1.38