Ship names not showing.


Been waiting for an activation email for 2 days, but in the mean time iv managed to make a mod with about 8 ships and 20 weapons lol.

However all my ships have no random name. Iv got the shipnames folder with a text file taken from another mod, however its now showing the names on the ships but after checking the forums i cant seem to see a fix.

All i keep getting is:

Untranslated HRESULT
D3DXCreateEffectFromFile failed
Assertion failure:filename:…\src\GUI_ShipNameOverlay.cpp,linenum:78,build:Full 1.62

Is there another file with the location of ship names that im missing? This is what iv got atm. [Gratuitous Space Battles\mod\data\shipnames\mod.txt] Inside that i have the [names] header and a list of names under that. (works for the mod i stole it from but not working with my ships.)

[EDIT] (offtopic?) And due to this, every battle i do the game crashes. Altho im sure its to do with the damage texture… iv got one fighter with the ( in the hull text) and the with new two new hulks to pick from (hulkUVstart = 0 - hulkUVend = 1) yet a crash follows. anyone know why? Size of textures match up with another mod that im using as a reference. I also have (below) in the hull.txt but no [hulk] header… (using a fighter)

0 = 0.00,131.50,155.50,EXP_STARTBREAKUP
1 = 0.00,127.50,166.50,EXP_FIGHTER_DESTROYED_LOD
2 = 0.00,123.00,155.00,EXP_FIGHTER_DESTROYED
3 = 0.00,128.00,142.00,EXP_BLASTGLARE


Greetings Weeman0000 and welcome to the forums.

There are 2 locations that you need to modify so you can use your own ship names.

  • \Gratuitous Space Battles<>\data\races\racename.txt
    Within this file you have the line:
    defaultnames = myshipnames

  • \Gratuitous Space Battles<>\data\shipnames\myshipnames.txt
    Within this file is the list of all your ships which looks like this:

Ship Name A
Ship Name B

Thanks Darkstar!

I thought there might have been another area to edit. cleaned alot of stuff up just to make it not crash on startup haha, totaly forgot about that area.

There is one problem tho, all ships created before the shipnames was fixed still crash the game :smiley: But i deleted them and its fine now!
[Edit] more testing is required lol, there seems to be one ship that’s hell bent on being nameless :\ all ship designs are deleted and i started from scratch… damn that A-10 squad!

Again thanks soo much man, quick reply aswell!.

No Prob, its what the Friendly Community Mod Squad is for.