64 Bracket Single Elimination Tournament?

What do you guys think of this?

GSB Single Elimination Tournament - GSB Masters Tournament

Each match consists of 3 battles, if 2 of 3 are won the winner advances to the next round
Round 1: Player one is Challenged - Denote the winner and loser % of Forces left
Round 2: Player two is Challenged - Denote the winner and loser % of Forces left
Round 3: The player with the most % of forces from Battle 1 and 2 (added together) is Challenged

Fleets must be static in composition over the course of the tournament for both challengers and challenged. 30,000 Credits 150 Pilots
Deployments and orders may of course be adjusted by the challengers for each round in the match.
All expansions allowed

Each player will create a challenge to be used for when they are the defending player. This will stay static throughout the tournament. An honor system will be used for players accepting challenges and fighting the battles.


Do we need some way to insure players are honest in keeping their fleet composition and design choices static?

I thought of the below.

To be eligible participants must submit an entry package. This entry package will include screenshots of each their ship designs as well as a final screenshot of all of the 30,000 credits worth of ships on the deployment screen. In this final screenshot the ships must be placed on the deployment screen in a fashion that they can be counted accurately by the organizer. Every participant may challenge the results of a match if they feel the challenger modified their fleet from its original designs/composition. Players will need to save a screenshot of their deployed fleet at the start of a battle (zoomed in enough to see the exterior components). If a participant is challenged they will be asked to produce screenshots of their deployed fleet from the beginning of that battle. These screens will be compared to that player’s entry package and if any fault is found that player will be disqualified

Granted this won’t prevent people from leaving the exterior of the ships the same while only changing up the interiors… hmmm any advice on this aspect is appreciated.

I am in :wink:
Maybe we are in need of a place where all entrants could register for the event?


Yes. Perhaps we should share our ship list in written form with the organizer? (The organizer can check that the challenge was posted correctly at the very least)

is this where u sign up?

Here’s another idea as well: The organizer accepts deployment files from everyone, creates challenges and takes those challenges, then runs fraps and uploads them to youtube.

Some pools before the DE (direct elimination) might produce a better score (if I have overall the 2nd best fleet but go against the best fleet in the first round I place very poorly just by luck of who I play against).

I don’t think evilrtc has been around much lately. However, since there seems to be some interest in a tournament, I will organize one. This is how I would like to run it. I will use the SAC-1 map for the first tournament. For each entry you should save an unchanged copy of the deployment and ships. You may want to make copies of your ship designs just for this tournament so that you do not edit them by mistake. You will post the deployment as a challenge on the SAC-1 map labeling them as “Tournament-1-playername” where playername is your online username. Then post the challenge numbers in this thread. Players may enter more than one fleet if they so desire. If you do make more than one entry please number them Tournament-1-playername-1, Tournament-1-playername-2 etc.
I will seed the entries by challenging each of them with SAC-32, SAC-41 and SAC-46. They will be seeded by won-loss record against these three fleets with percentage remaining as a tie breaker. I will accept entries through August 20 and I will post the bracket in this thread by August 22. For each contest, both players will use their deployment against their opponent’s posted Challenge and post their results in this thread. If both players report the same winner that will be the recorded result of the contest. If they report different winners, each player will email me their deployment and ship files and I will run a challenge between them and report the contest winner in this thread. If a player does not report their challenge results by August 29 for the first round they will forfeit. After all the first round contests have all been completed the second round will commence and will be run similarly.
If this tournament works well, I may run additional tournaments on different maps.

No entries so far. Was I wrong about interest existing for a tournament?

That’s kind of an awkward system. From what I read of it.

Not gonna lie, additional paragraphing would be a good idea.

What would be a better system then?

I suggest starting with more line breaks so you don’t suffer from tl;dr related problems.

August 29th is a while away, and I like to do things at the last minute.

better formatting?


Would Tribe and Stacking be allowed in this tournament? Any “minimum speed” requirement (0.15 like the original SAC)? Anything else we can/cannot do?

By necessity engines are required. Otherwise we could get two stationary fleets just staring at each other.

Use of the Unfair Challenge Cheat or the like is grounds for disqualification, derision and ridicule.

Mods that are not an official part of the game or DLC are not allowed.

Otherwise anything goes, including fast or slow ships, Tribe, Swarm or Order, corner deployments or stacking are allowed.

It’s a Masters Tournament. You should be able to deal with it.

If anybody who doesn’t own a DLC wishes to participate I would be willing to provide logistical assistance and run their challenges for them when required.

As organizer, I won’t be entering any fleets myself.


  1. I want to take my time to make a solid fleet, testing it against a bunch of challenges/etc


  1. If I post a fleet too early, it’ll give people time to test their entry against it and work in counters. :slight_smile:

Remember, the round one deadline for entries is 8/20/2010

Guess I better make some fleets tonight.