a few bugs and suggestions

Here’s a few things I noticed in my first game:

This is the first game that has responded negatively to kaspersky’s popup about being a keylogger. Lots of games do that since they do stuff to keys, so I clicked add to exclusions list, then the game crashed to desktop. Every other game I’ve run (and I’ve run many, modern and classic) will continue to run after kaspersky’s interupt.

The in game options… its hard to tell if you are toggling them on or off. Perhaps use a checkmark?

There doesn’t seem to be any max range on fighter rocket launcher listed.

The mouseover tips need a bit of tweaking. Perhaps less than 1 second trigger time. Or at least the ability to move between buttons without losing the mouseover thats been triggered (once mouse has moved outside of UI, then mouseover time can be reset again). Otherwise, every thing I mouseover takes 1 second, whereas I like to pause the game and mouseover several things at a time.

Hull chooser should remember last one picked, and have a list to choose from too (takes a while clicking on the arrows to select hulls) and should also be sorted according to hull type.

Are Descriptions of fighter pulse laser and laser cannon switched? (The laser cannon says its a pulse laser)

Design name should let you use arrow keys or mouse click to edit part of the long name before the last letter :slight_smile: I remember that issue with good ole DOS :slight_smile:

There are two frigate modules named “Frigate Point Defense System”
One of them should be named “automated” I think :slight_smile:

I will continue to post things as I find them.