A few notes from a liberal/socialist game

While playing through a Liberal/socialist game, I noticed that a few simulation values are missing in Law and order and economy that might help with policies that focus on rehabilitation.

  • Simulating Prison Population and using policies to adjust sentence lengths and the degree of out-of-prison rehabilitation would allow for liberal ways of reducing crime, without having to focus on education itself.
  • A simulation of police racist action, separately from general racism would also provide some other disincentives to authoritarianism in divided societies. This might also play nicely with the event system.
  • Some of the economic policies like Young Enterprise scheme mainly just make different groups happy, but should probably also feed into GDP with a long implementation delay
  • It would also be helpful to be able to click on individual voters in the graph of party membership/level of support for the government

I hope this was helpful!

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Yes I do think that the police funding slider should affect racial tension