Suggestion: Correlate police, police brutality and race discrimination more according to societal make-up

I know that the game already does include some models of and correlations between law and order and racial discrimination. But perhaps there is some more room to further link police, police brutality and race discrimination more. We know from movements such as Black Lives Matter that this is a big and very topical issue (and not just in the US).

From my limited playtime it seems to me that changes regarding the regular police force policy (and probably some other police/law-and-order-related policies) do not seem to have an influence on aspects of the level of egalitary in society and race discrimination. It would be great to see some (more) dependencies/interconnections between police/law-and-order and race/egalitarianism while perhaps also including demographics more in this equation.

For example, if society is not very egalitarian, an increase in police forces could lead to an increase in racial tensions and a further lower the level of egalitarianism in society. If society is very egalitarian, on the other hand, then this effect should not be as pronounced or perhaps not even exist in the game. Another factor influencing this equation could be the conservative demographic – the more conservative the country in terms of demographics, the more racial tension certain single policies will produce. Another idea: The more a leader is perceived to be “strong” or “authoritarian”, the more likely it is that police forces or people in the population in general feel they can treat racial minorities disproportionately badly.

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