A list of ideas

here are my observations:
put a space on the left edge of the slots menu to allow mouse scroll to work. Also reduce the size of the top menu bars to allow the same.
Free up the corners for diagonal movement.

allow us to adjust the speed of the individual conveyors allowing more variables to improve efficiency.
allow a bypass conveyor that switches over as load increases.
allow the purchase of an import or export port where needed, or just allow custom placement up to the max amount.
allow the overhead crossing of conveyors, i.e. an elevator system to lift cars to the higher belt and return when across.
add internet marketing.
Put hybrid and battery electric in another class, stop making it common. Otherwise, reduce the price to allow other options and still stay with in a certian class.
allow “training” at stations to speed up production.
show us the competition. give us data on them, graphs, etc