Alpha-only Request: force coalition government election result

This is a request only for the alpha build for testing purposes, although it might be neat to keep it for later on too.

Due to balancing still being a WIP I’ve found it very hard to actually get a coalition government. I tend to see elections where the third party gets 2% or less of the vote, even if it’s otherwise a close election (as in player gets 33%, third party gets 2%, main opposition gets 65%).

It’d be nice if we could force the game to give a coalition government result - be that in the player’s first election or starting out in a coalition government - so we can see how they work, because they sound cool!

Its being fixed currently.

Yup, top of my list today, and I found a whole bunch of cool ways to make it happen much more naturally. Basically some numbers were not optimal, and I’m just ab day or two of testing away from updating the game with a build that should mean a lot more coalitions.

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