Are the spacebook friends too critical?

I’m constantly facing this problem, that when I invite ppl to events they wont show up because they don’t like my spacebook friend. This is okay if this happened rarely, but since it happens so often, wouldn’t be good if there was some sort of method with dealing with it? Or maybe even show “dislike list” on every person’s profile of people they dislike, because removing a person from friend list doesn’t seem to help either, they wont come to the party.

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely re-adjust this a bit, as it appears to be happening too often to a number of players. Added to this, I’m also re-implementing a new panel which shows all the character’s interrelationships with each other, so you can see who hates whom. :smiley:

Thanks again, and I’ll let you know when the next version is up!

That’s going to be a pretty good addition.

Another issue with events is that you can be disliked for not inviting someone who is busy. Which is a little curious. I’m not really sure why someone who has no interest in the event would be mad but I can kinda see that. The ones who can’t come regardless though should be perfectly happy about not being invited as it avoids the awkward position of having to turn their friend down.

More great feedback, thanks – yeah, I’ve had this comment a few times now, so I’ll definitely re-evaluate which reasons for turning down an event should actually result in a relationship decrease, and which shouldn’t. You’re right about people who are busy!