Attract Mode

Every other space skirmish game I’ve played has a battle going on in the main menu. Battleships Forever, Weird Worlds: Return, etc.

A cool concept would be to have the user’s designed ships duking it out, endlessly on the main menu. Dunno how hard it would be to do, though…

At the very least, I’d love something like a screensaver mode–a never-ending battle to watch, with more ships warping in for each side once they get below a certain threshold strength.

This was suggested a while back, using a term I thought captured the essence of the thing: “Zen Mode”. After all, nothing encourages my inner peace like a constant stream of particle-beam-spewing spacecraft systematically converting each other into floating debris. The only problem I could come up with in the whole thing is how would I ever get anything done again?

I think the reason this isn’t in was due to a memory leak, but I also think that I finally fixed that, so maybe one day. I’d lvoe to do it.

yes please!!! :smiley:

SWEET great to hear, and for the screensaver idea, great one more thing to keep me stareing at my screen for. right now its a bunch of great anime chicks on slideshow setting.

Lone Starr