[Suggestion] Gratuitous Zen

I was wondering if there will be this option and if not i would like to make the suggestion to create it :slight_smile:

So what is Gratuitous Zen?
It is all the action of space battles, but with the quiet calmness of a summer morning, watching the ships and bullets in harmonic dance as one after another releases its chi in a glorious explosion :slight_smile:

Ok well, basically its just the option to create a neverending battle, so you can sit back and relax, enjoy the show and don´t have to worry about winning or loosing.
What you´d do is select a mission, challange or scenario, create the two fleets you like and then check the zen button.
If the battle then starts it will never end, for every destroyed ship a replacement of the same type will warp in at its origin (for both sides) and squads of fighters will be replaced aswell.
Just like in the Andromeda meatgrinder, but for both sides.
Maybe a counter, who would be winning at the point but who cares.
Just sit back and watch the show.
Perfect screensaver aswell :slight_smile:

So, what do you think?

I love it, unfortunately given the current problem with memory I am thinking it might crash after a certain period of time.

mhh, older debris and stuff would obviously have to be faded out after a while, otherwise i guess no matter how good your machine is i would become problematic.

I remember the release version of Heagemonia:LoI and how bad it was with the wreckages there, the game quickly became a lagfest after a few cruiser battles.
But they fixed it when they made debris decay and not just harvestable to remove it. Worked nicely.
I think that solution would help with this problem in this game aswell.

oh my god, this is super good idea