Australian Restaurants Mod

Ok, for all you people who have noticed my other post but didn’t bother to try it for themselves (for whatever reason) here is a link to a set of Australian Restaurants for Kudos2

The archive contains a readme for install instructions. The restaurants come with their own music, but are graphic impaired - they have no custom menu graphic for each restaurant menu. If anyone wants to make some… they are welcome (hint, hint) :slight_smile:

If you find any problems, I’m sure you’ll tell me.

Im Australian and was just wondering if there are really aussie restaurants that serve that type of food. I have never once seen a restaurant over here that sells emu or kangaroo. Typically the most aussie meal i have ordered is maybe roast lamb or something.

Believe it or not, I got most of the menus from websites of Australian cuisine restaurants in various Australian cities :slight_smile:

I’ve had kangaroo at restaurants before, it’s like venison and quite nice, but don’t often see emu and crocodile.

Another Aussie here :slight_smile:

My aunt used to own a restaurant where they sold turtle, croc, emu, kangaroo, etc. I dare say it’s not common, but it’d be far more likely to find kangaroo in an Australian restaurants than say an Italian one :slight_smile: And roast lamb is more an English thing (at least the whole roast thing lends itself quite nicely to our international cousins).

Also, if you’re in WA try going to the Hippo Creek restaurant, or the Feral Brewery; both have aussie animals on their menu (ok, so the Hippo Creek’s an African restaurant, but close enough :p).

Wayno, wishing there were more long weekends in the later half of the year

What I DO object to is the Crown Lager. Let’s face it: NOBODY in Australia drinks Crown! That’s pressing on the world a stereotype I’d rather ‘expunge’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Wayno, both shocked and appalled. Sortakinda.

Well at least it looks like the restaurants actually worked in the game for you guys!

And you can change the Crown Lager, thats not too hard. Any suggestions?

Parsec - surprised they didn’t complain about the music tune…

The Crown Lager bit was a bit of a subtle joke. I’m actually GLAD you put it in there and forwent the desire to include “Fosters”. Now THERE’S a terrible beverage. I recall being in France and walking past a pub that had a Fosters logo above the door. If it wasn’t for the gracious hospitality I’d have been inclined to spit on the floor :stuck_out_tongue:

I think what you’ve done is fine as is. Good show! And as for the music: whilst it’s not a tune I know, aside from something obvious like Waltzing Matilda, or Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport, I think it lends itself to eating kangaroo nicely :slight_smile:

I DID notice a slight glitch with “Ribeye Steak with Black Truffle Mushroom Sauce” as it is too long and the word “Sauce” overwrites the item price, so you have to go with “Ribeye Steak with Mushroom Truffle Sauce”, or something similar.

And there’s no picture at the top, but I assume as there was no picture in the ZIP then that is normal. Perhaps I should make one… Hmmmm…

Wayno, pondering and thinking, and likely not to do either

You could make 4! (one for each restaurant) and submit them for inclusion :slight_smile:

I am hopeless with graphics, I just end up with a boring text header when I try…

Hmmmm, I’m not sure, but I think my stick figures need a bit more work before being Kudos-worthy :slight_smile: And I wouldn’t want to resort of cut-and-paste work.

CALLING ALL AUSTRALIAN GRAPHIC ARTISTS: AUSTRALIA NEEDS YOU, FOR KUDOS 2! (Ok, so just us Kudos 2 fans need you, but the sentiment remains)

Wayno, putting the call out

The local butchers in my road actually sells kangaroo burgers, and I’m in the UK. They aren’t anything special though tbh :smiley:

I took the liberty of writing an installer for your mod: … ntsMod.exe

What this does is basically assume you have the latest version (1.05) and it just balps all the file changes straight away, replacing the existing files with ones that have these changes.
Clearly that’s not a long term modding thing, because later versions might change those files, but I thought it was a good idea to make an already existing mod as easy and quick to install as possible.
Let me know if you have any issue with me doing this, as it’s obviously your work here. I’d like to link to this mod on the websites modding pages too if that’s ok?

Sure thats fine.

I am just waiting for someone to answer Wanyo’s call and do some menus :slight_smile:

Do the self-installer mods include a readme? I always cringe a little with these as they install the mod fine but I never have any idea what they changed (not just talking about the restaurants one here). I always thought it would be good to have a text file or something included so one could see what was changed in the game files. In case you wanted to change something or edit it.

The music file is off a public domain site as well, so no copyright issues there either.

Ah good point. I’ll try and get that added tomorrow.

Here’s a thumbnail of one I just did for the Kangaroo Kuisine. If people like it, let me know and I can make the other three pretty easily.

Looks good to me!

Anythings better then a blank menu. Just email them to me and I’ll add them to the zip etc.

How about this?

It’s not done by the proper artist, obviously :smiley:

I spotted that Wombat picture when I was doing image searches. :slight_smile:

Crap…just noticed that the maximum attachment size is 256 K. I’ll try uploading the others to my web space, and posting links to them.

[EDIT] Apparently, my ISP never set me up with any web space. After going around in circles, I finally got it straightened out. The links to the files are:
Dingo Diner -
Kangaroo Kuisine - … uisine.jpg
Platypus Palate - … palate.jpg
Wombat’s -

They should work just fine. If the restaurant name is supposed to be Wombats (plural) instead of Wombat’s (possessive), let me know so I can change that.

Added to zip download, thanks guys :slight_smile:
Also added to Restaurants howto on website.

Now I’ll just sit back and wait for sam to link any others (looks ponderously at the kangaroo cuisine thumbnail)

EDIT: Typical, I just posted that and sam has edited his entry for the others :slight_smile:
I’ll go grab them now.

Ok, this has all been edited to add all the menus. Thanks guys!