New Restaurant Types- Italian and Ethnic!

I was inspired to do these after seeing a similar thread in this forum. This is just my first mod, but it turned out so well I wanted to share it with you all. :slight_smile:

(I tested it briefly, and everything seemed to blend seamlessly.)

Put the following into your restaurants.csv file:

#,italianrestaurant,casapasta,Casa Pasta,More noodles than you can shake a fork at. For the diner on a budget.,30,CHEAPO #,italianrestaurant,antonios,Antonio's,"Quality, family-style Italian food sure to please any pallette.",42,MIDRANGE #,italianrestaurant,theolivepit,The Olive Pit,Authentic Italian dishes inspired by Tuscany's top chefs.,68,HIP #,italianrestaurant,villadelvino,Villa Del Vino,"Fine Italian cusine, meticulously prepared using only the highest-quality ingredients.",84,SNOOTY #,ethnicrestaurant,vladimirs,Vladimir's,Authentic Russian food. 37 different varieties of borscht.,26,CHEAPO #,ethnicrestaurant,thesnakecharmer,The Snake Charmer,Spicy Indian dishes guaranteed to clear your sinuses.,38,MIDRANGE #,ethnicrestaurant,osakassushilounge,Osaka's Sushi Lounge,Trendy Japanese restaurant with a large emphasis on raw fish.,56,HIP #,ethnicrestaurant,ambrosia,Ambrosia,"Greek food so heavenly, it's worthy of the gods.",78,SNOOTY

This one goes in social_events:

#,RESTAURANT,italianrestaurant,Italian Restaurant,"Pasta, breadsticks, and massive amounts of garlic.",restaurant,,, ,I know a great Italian restaurant in town. Are you interested?,0,VARIABLE,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,"food,0.4","conversation,0.3","wine,0.2","italianfood,0.7",#,#,"_energy,0.20",,,,,,,, #,RESTAURANT,ethnicrestaurant,Ethnic Restaurant,"Exotic new aromas and mysterious ingredients. Octopus, anyone?",restaurant,,, ,We were thinking of trying out this new ethnic restaurant. Are you up for a change?,0,VARIABLE,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,"food,0.4","conversation,0.3","wine,0.2","ethnicfood,0.7",#,#,"_energy,0.20",,,,,,,,

And finally, interests.

#,italianfood,Italian Food,0.5,LOW,,food #,ethnicfood,Ethnic Food,0.5,MEDIUM,,food

Have fun!

hi! Sorry but I can find these files. :blush: I found an excel spreadsheet with all the restaurants listed but no restaurant.csv, etc file. I’d really like to add the italian restaurant but am clueless about where these files are…help…



which is wherever you installed the game (probably C:\program files")

It’s actually the same file. Just right-click on the Excel speadsheet and open it with Notepad.

thanks to you both! I installed the new mods (great job by the way) and my avatars are now happily munching on breadsticks, octopus and sushi! this is the best game I have ever played and the Kudos gaming community is awesome. The only problem is that my social life is failing I spend so much time playing kudos - :smiley:

Cool! I’m looking forward to trying them.