Crash when autoupdating

My game just crashed when i was trying to autoupdate and get the Veterans Benefits policy.

The txt files were downloaded normally, but just after starting to download the the game crashed to desktop displaying a message box :

IERROR: Failed writing local web copy

I have version 1.06 (but it is heavily modded , if it may have something to do with the problem).

eeek. You might have been clicking it just as I updated it. Can you try just ditching the whole Democracy2 folder in MyDocuments (or renaming it). And then trying again. Hopefully it was just a glitch.

I deleted the democracy2 folder in My Documents,re-entered the game code in the online window , then clicked the update button , but the error happens the same, nothing has changed.

I’ve tried various things here to reproduce this but cannot. Does it re-download all the other files ok?
Is there a MyDocuments/democracy2/mods/data/bitmaps folder?

Yes! That`s what it was, there was no bitmaps folder in MyDocuments/democracy2. Now when i created it the update works fine. Thanks for the help and sorry for the trouble.

I’ve just tried to update mine and get the same problem. I’ve fixed it in the way you suggested above, but presumably there should already have been such a folder/it should have been created by the autoupdater without the need for me to create one?

Aha. Grrr. Its my stupid fault. the bitmaps folder is being created correctly in the (upcoming) 1.07, but it wasn’t showing up in 1.06.
Damn. I’ll remove the policy until its released.

Hi! I has the same problame. I created the bitmaps folder, the update was continued, but it failed at an other file. What folders needs to be in data? I have mission and simulation and bitmaps only. THANKS

what version are you running? if its an old version I strongly recommend just re-downloading the whole game from the original download link in your order email.

I’ve got 1.6 (or 1.06?).

in that case redownload the game using your purchase email, then it will be updated.