Ave Caesar, Morituri Te Salutant!

Stand up, fellow Imperials! We’re in grave danger of dropping off the bottom of the Survival mode high-score chart completely, lost under a horde of Rebel scum. Our scientists are even now hard at work on the secret Neutron Emitting Ray Fusor death-beam, but for the present we need bodies out there. Someone, somewhere must be able to find us a winning tactic! What have they got right that we’ve got wrong?

Power, slots, weight. Rebels definitely have some natural advantages.

What they don’t have is a twenty slot cruiser.

Now, of course, a twenty-slot cruiser is more expensive, but, in terms of a ratio, I believe it means Imperials can put more modules on the field - in a tighter package - for less. Experiment with the Weapons Platform, too - it has EIGHT weapon slots. That is almost double the number of the largest federation Frigates.

Suggestion: now that missile speed has been increased, imperials may well have a better chance. I plan on experimenting with this this weekend. I want to see if I can get the Alliance up there also. =):

I’ve been thinking the Empire should do well in survival as far as the larger ships go. I’m concerned about their crummy fighter selection, though. Maybe the improved tractor beam behavior will make an anti-fighter cruiser more viable…

I thought so, but it doesn’t seem to. The Empire does have some nasty light fighters. They are the ones that are causing my fleets to consistently bite it at 90-100K. Maybe my fighter orders are wrong or something, I have them on escort and primarily attacking other fighters… but still the enemy fighters rip me up whenever they get close. I just can’t kill them fast enough.

I think the fighter issue is the outstanding speed balance problem. Even if you have a cruiser with the fastest weapons, it will take forever to hit even a moderately fast fighter.

I don’t have the game handy here at work, but I’ll put the numbers together tonight. Even the best anti-fighter ship will be eaten up by fighters, and the fighters don’t even need to be super-fast.