[BALANCE] Press Freedom is OP

Right now Press Freedom has the following effects:
Democracy, 0.25-(x+1.25)^-3
Corruption, 0-(x^6)0.1
Liberal, -0.15+(0.25
All, 0+(x+1.06)^-20
security, -0.05*(x^10)
_global_liberalism, 0.11*(x^2)+0.03
Polarization, 0.1-(0.2*x)

The way I see it there is no downside to it, so it should always be maxed? I think it should have downsides, for instance Fake News.


Agree that is seems to be a very positive policy when maxed out. I’d say negative effects should also be on personality attributes like “strong leader”, as it’s much easier to abuse / criticise a leader with free press (E.g. UK), and much easier to maintain rain a strong image with a restricted press (e.g. China)

Question - where did you get the equations from? Did you manually type them out, or export them from a game file? I’d love o know the file name / location if the latter!


Go to installation directory and click ‘data’ and then ‘simulation’
You should be able to find files below
Steam\steamapps\common\Democracy 4\data\simulation\policies.csv
Steam\steamapps\common\Democracy 4\data\simulation\simulation.csv
Steam\steamapps\common\Democracy 4\data\simulation\situaions.csv


Free Press does intensify the “Fake News” situation, as far as I know.

nah it doesn’t. it’s the opposite - low press freedom encourages media monopoly, which contributes to the fake news situation.

Which is strange isn’t it? Free speech should lead to fake news. If not, this is a balance change which cliff should work at some point.

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