Ban Sunday Shopping needs balance

In my opinion, the prohibition of shopping on sundays has a static outcome. In that case, it would be better to leave it as a dilemma. In contrast, the possibility of regulation of the minimum wage, which currently is a dilemma, it would be more interesting leave it as a adjustable policy.

I am quite sympathetic to this idea. Other opinions?

I think I broadly agree with this. Minimum wage isn’t just a yes or no thing, and there are arguments to be made to having a high or low minimum wage, which would make it more interesting as a policy.


Makes sense to me.

I am too. That’s why I thought the Sunday shopping policy was bugged when I reported it cause the effects weren’t moving. Of course now I know but it’d definitely be better if these two were switched.

Concur with making minimum wage a policy, and leaving Sunday shopping a dilemma.

Hope I’m not breaking etiquette in bumping this, but have you had a chance to look this over? I understand deleting existing policies is tricky with mod packages.