Sunday Shopping

Moving the slider on the “Ban Sunday Shopping” doesn’t seem to change any of the impacts, it all stays fixed. Unless that was the intention, but then the slider shouldn’t really just be “None” to “Maximum”. I do remember it not changing in Democracy 3 as well, so guess it got carried over.

I guess it really ought to vary to what extent things are closed. Like, at the low end, retail would have to close early / have a break around what would typically be church times or what ever.
And at the high end there would be a total work ban and maybe even some emergency services are impacted.

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We have Ban Sunday Shopping in Norway. That policy name makes it sound far more menacing that it is. It’s basically just honoring the sabbat and its been around for ages. Here supermarkeds and retails are closed all day except convenient stores, kiosks and gas stations. Some time ago supermarkeds were allowed to have it open if they had a section for Sunday shopping but it had to really small. It’s strange, yeah. Many stores and services tend to close at Sunday but restaurants and cinemas are almost always open.

Yeah it’s more or less around here too. Sundays, most (but not all) shops do not have open.
Shops that are attached to gas stations are, for some reason, allowed to stay open, and people go there for emergency pickups.
Saturdays also are open for shorter than other days.

Many other things follow different conventions. For instance, a lot of restaurants declare Mondays free because Sundays would lose them too many guests. I think the actual law is more like, you must not work every day of the week. You gotta have at least one day off. And by convention, for most professions, that’s gonna be Sunday. Assuming there aren’t enough workers to just be open every day with everybody still having a free day.