Beta 1.15: The minor graphical issues thread


With all the bugs in 1.15, ranging from slight colour problems to persistent crashing, we can’t expect Cliff to have to trawl through all of them to find the highest priority ones.

This thread will therefore be a collection to all minor graphical/typographical issues. Feel free to post anything weird looking here, from ghostly ships to typos.

This is [size=125]NOT[/size] the place for anything serious or gameplay related, such as crashes.

Screenshots are ideal, but an accurate, detailed description should suffice.

Grey, featureless squares among debris:

A nebula cloud doing strange things to dreadnought engines:

A capital ship leaving a ghostly afterimage at the moment of destruction:

Certain Z-values causing components to turn black:

Shields failing to glow in the right places when reflecting enemy fire:

This one isn’t so much a graphical error, but it’s minor enough that it’s appropriate:
Looking around in the game files I found a piece of music called ‘victory’. I assume this is intended for when a battle is won, but it never plays.

No image for this one, because it’s impossible to see when not in motion:
Sometimes, either when ship stops because it has lost all its health and is about to explode, or when it comes to a sudden stop for any other reason, the damaged parts of the ship (the holes through which you can see the flaming interior) will slide around the hull. It’s as if they have their own momentum, like when a car stops suddenly and you jerk forward.

A target painter which assists in the targeting of ‘middiles’:

A formation link not quite in the right place:

Occasionally, upon exiting the ship designer, I am presented with the following. Pressing Esc will take me to the mission select menu, and the game works normally from there.

Preset ships having square shadows again. I don’t know what could have caused this, since I’ve been running the game as admin ever since the second mission, and this is from the first fight against the Zyrtari:

Sometimes, when I open the stat comparison window, it just refuses to close. Esc-ing to the main menu gets rid of it, and thankfully designs can still be saved while it’s open.

Sometimes, entirely without my intervention, random fighters will be highlighted like the ones below during the middle of a battle. I’ve tried pausing and clicking/right-clicking on them, but they’re stuck like that until death.

EDIT: Can now confirm that this is exclusively to limpet mines and happens 100% of the time.


A beam layered on top of a ship it should be underneath:

A support beam ‘impact’ effect layered on top of ships it should be underneath: