beta test

If you have played beta versions of games before, have played the full version of the original Democracy game, and are interested in beta testing Democracy 2, can you email me at and let me know.

You can count me in (Just mailed you)

Yay! Beta testing! I shall mail immediately.

email sent

Hola, puedes contar también conmigo. Yo soy español.

Hello, you can count with me too. I’m Spanish.

My e-mail is


I’ve sent you an email.

can’t wait.

Thanks for the replies, it will be a day or two to put the beta build together, then I’ll be contacting some testers. I can’t guarantee I’ll pick everyone who emails me though.

There may be a slight beta test delay, for businessy reasons that are too off-topic to discuss here, but I have got all your emails, I’m just waiting to see what’s happening with some business stuff.

I’ve beta-tested games before (The Sims Online: thumbs down!), but I’ve never played the old version of Democracy. I’m somewhat picky and very verbal, though, which might be useful in a beta tester.

I’ve sent out some beta test emails. If you haven’t got one, you didn’t get into this batch. there may be future rounds of testing though.