Blue screen of death

I just bought this game via Steam along with the ‘Swarm’ DLC. Well the menus work fine and all, but I cannot complete the tutorial. It blue screens. The first time was at the end when I had almost won, all of the other times it’s almost immediately into the battle. The only thing I have tried is to change the game resolution, which has not helped.

I have a Pentium 6750 dual core, windows XP 32bit, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, and 2GB of Muskin RAM.

Any suggestions?

have you tried going into the options menu and chnaging it to run in windowed mode? it might reveal mroe the cause of the problem. You should also try turning off all of the graphical options there, such as transitions etc.
Blue screens are almost hardware or driver related these days. The first line of text on the blue screen message is a good clue as to what has gone wrong. It may be recorded in the windows error logs, under control panel; / administrative tools/ error logs. I think its the system or application log that stores it.

This is what I have narrowed it down to. If I press any button in the game or on the keyboard, if on the keyboard more than a couple of seconds, it will blue screen. So far I have been able to complete two battles. One I lost and the other I won. My third battle I bluescreened after I won and clicked the button to continue to the menus. The next battle I tried to increase the game speed and it crashed after clicking it a couple of times. Any time it crashed my computer before those times was from using ventrilo. Anytime I would push to speak it would crash the game, I have my push to talk button as equals sign, and keystroke assigned to my mouse button. So I stopped using ventrilo of course but then I had the problems I already mentioned. Since bluescreen is memory related I will specify my RAM, maybe it will help.

If the problem is drivers I don’t know what I need to update. I did play in a lower resolution with some graphical features turned off but it didn’t work. Also I couldn’t find the error logs.

I’ve tried playing in windowed mode it did not help. Same with the other graphic options including changing resolution. Has this happened to anyone else?

I get a blue screen if I accelerate above 2.0X, but everything works fine otherwise.

if your PC blue screens every time you sue ventrillo, this is not a GSB problem. You have faulty hardware or buggy drivers. You need to look at the details of the bluescreen, and windows error logs.