[BUG] duplicate ID in locations.data file

Both “Darting Jellyfish” and “Deep Sea Blowfish” have same ID (“id”:“ocean3”) in the locations.data file.

Probably a minor issue and my guess is the Blowfish gets ignored and that there is a wasted img file out there somewhere

version 0.43.01

Played w/ scenarios.dat file and just got both “Darting Jellyfish” and “Deep Sea Blowfish” as available ingredients to be explored (w/ appropriate titles and images).

So, I don’t know what the “ID” in the locations.data file does, but it is duplicated.

Thank you for the heads-up. It is a very minor issue, but basically if you have both of these in the game and then save and load, I believe you would get two locations with the same name and image, but only when loading. Fixed it now, thanks for the heads-up.