[Question / Suggestion]

So I was wondering if there is any mod out there or if anyone knows of a way (editing the game files) to make it so cure’s aren’t repeated in a custom game or free build. I’d really like to try and have the biggest variety in products produced, from starting level to fully upgraded in the tree- at the same time! Dominate the market everywhere, etc… thanks!

There is already an algorithm to try to limit cures being repeated however the boosters from the expansion can complicate things. If you put the custom game to maximum ingredients with maybe only 2 boosters, there is a good chance that you’ll have one of each cure.

I’ll also take another look at the algorithm. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! I did try that out, and I got 11 different cures. I might just go back to vanilla, or well- use MM and just no boosters and try and get a line of each one! Gonna be a huge factory. XD

Also, thanks for making this game! :smiley: