[BUG] icons in create ship screen

I’ve been trying to mod the icons to put a I, II, and III on the Mk 1,2,and 3 stuff to tell them apart better, and I’ve run into 2 bugs, I think.

The same picture is used for the Micro Crew and the Basic Crew icons.

The next one is a bit tough to explain. There are 2 .dds files, module_engine_1 and module_engine_2. 1 looks like a white log, 2 has a red spot. When building a frigate, the red spot is Mk 1, and the white log Mk 2. But when building a cruiser, the white is Mk 1 and the red spot Mk 2. It"s not consistent across the different screens.

Hope this helps.

(edit) I fixed the switched around pics by editing the associated txt files, it’s consistent now.