[bug] Missile Weapon Fire Intervals & [bug] Beam Duration

Sorry about the title. Both of the bugs are really easy to explain though:

[BUG] Missile Weapon Fire Intervals

  1. Missile weapons do not seem to recognize fire intervals correctly. I was testing the salvo functions with modified quantum blasters and frigate lasers, both worked fine. However when I tried to make a cruiser rocket launcher fire in salvo something didn’t seem right. The salvo amount was set to 6, the interval to 6000, and the fire interval to a mere 10 (milliseconds?). From my tests on the other weapons, this should of looked like 6 missiles launched within an arbitrarily short amount of time, then a long reload, then repeat. However, the fire interval refuses to fire as fast as it should. Each missile is fired after about a second, until the salvo is finished, at which point the “salvo interval” kicks in. I removed the salvo code entirely and tried to get a rapid fire launcher but still could not make the missiles launch faster than about a second. The GUI shows the launcher finish the fire interval and then it just pauses.

Related, but not as important, if a missile weapon is placed on a slot with multiple turrets, you don’t see multiple missiles launched.

[BUG] Beam Durations
2. Second issue is merely an FX thing. If you set a beam weapon to have a long beam_duration and it instantly ‘destroys’ a ship, the beam cuts off without playing the duration. It’s rather jarring. Even if the weapon misses it plays the full duration, but a direct hit + instant kill = no duration at all. Just a flash. Sometimes you can’t even see the beam it happens so fast. Just the ship’s explosion.

EDIT: Found something else, not sure if it’s an actual bug or intended.
[BUG] “kinetic_blast.dds”
Is it possible to use this texture on SIM_BulletWeaponModule’s? I tried and it ended up displaying the raw DDS image. Would be nice to be able to use that blast (or a modified version if, I haven’t tried adding new blasts yet) with the “physical” bullets that are shown with SIM_BulletWeaponModules.

Concerning missiles, I suspect that a second salvo isn’t launched until the first salvo hits something or runs out of fuel.

That’s very depressing and makes it impossible to have GRATUITOUS MACROSS MISSILE MASSACRES.

Demonstrated in this image:

Indeed, missile launchers don’t fire another salvo until the currently inflight one is removed from the game world.