Bug Reports! Hope you see this Cliff!

Hello, I figured I would join to send in some bugs I noticed with the game. I bought the GoG version with all DLC packs.

1: Unemployment seems to get stuck at about 40 percent in some countries. For testing I was trying to create a grudge that makes unemployment 0, however no matter how ridiculously high I set the grudge, unemployment will only be reduced so much. Example: CreateGrudge(TEST,Tajik,Unemployment,-9.53,1,0); The grudge shows up fine in game and works somewhat but it won’t be reduced all the way.

2: When unemployment is at 0 (I managed this by setting the simulation starting value from 1 to 0), Skills Shortage will suddenly spawn. The issue seems to be with this line for the situation: “Unemployment,1-(x^0.04)+0.03” changing from that to this: “Unemployment,+0(x^0.04)+0.03” seems to fix the issue.

3: Poland’s SVG map file has “Vemaps dot com” within the image and can be seen in game.

4: The game will still load some files from disabled mods. I noticed that if a SVG file name or translation file name matches what a country calls for then the game will still load these from other mods even if they are disabled, ignoring files I have in my own mod that is enabled. For example I have a disabled mod that adds Turkey as a country (This mod was made before the country pack was released) Well both that mod and the vanilla game use the same exact Turkey SVG file name which causes the disabled mod to override the DLC Turkey’s SVG file.

5: The game seems to sometimes automatically reinstall mods you uninstall (Might just be a GoG version issue), regardless if you uninstall them through the in game mod manager or if you remove the main mod folder from the mods folder in Windows.

6: Minor nitpick but shouldn’t Turkey be named " “Republic of Turkey”? I’m not a political expert though so maybe I am off base here.

As a bonus could we get SVG support for nation flags? That would be cool. I tried getting the game to use a SVG file for a nation flag but it didn’t work.

Thank you so much Cliff for an amazing game.