[Bug V1.18 Beta] Tutorial Ship Designs

The tutorial Cruiser is using modules that are locked at the start of the game. As a result, new players can replace modules on the tutorial design, keeping just the locked ones that they want. Then the design can be deployed in all missions. Please update the design with suitable replacement modules.

I just updated to 1.18, and I can’t even save my designs at the tutorial screen, and I have no ship designs for the Federation right now. The only button relating to ships that shows up at the “Go Back/Fight” screen is the Design a New Ship button. I design a ship, save it, and it doesn’t appear as a new ship.

Hold on, let me try something…

Nope. Running it as admin doesn’t fix the problem.

did you try out the test patch and then not re-run it after it was fixed? It might be a bug relating to that race selection bug that got quickly fixed.
I’ll try and replicate it here.

Hmm. I can’t replicate it here. I’m guessing it’s a mix up concerning what race you are? Are you physically able to check that the new design has written a file to disk (myGames\gratuitous space battles\ships) ?

I didn’t try the test patch, so that’s not the issue.

The ships show up in the proper directory.

You comment on the races, however, looks like it may be the problem. I’m Empire on the battle screen, but all my ships are Federation hulls. Even if I make a design using the basic Rabbit hull, it doesn’t show up.

Yes, the problem is that you are set to an empire which you are not permitted to build ships for, but can’t change race because none are unlocked.

Manual fix:
Edit “My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\config.txt” and change the line
race = empire


race = federation

Cliffski: I expect a few people will have this problem. Could be a recurring problem, if anything causes people to lose their unlocked races again in the future. I’d suggest simply not hiding the race selection button when no extra races have been unlocked. Not much harm in letting people read all the info about the races they haven’t/can’t unlock yet.

Ahahahaha. This is people who ahd their game set to a race other than federation before they ran the patch I guess. Presumably most of you have the honor to unlock the required races from the fleet HQ screen, but if not, yes you can always edit that file. I hadn’t considered this possibility :frowning:

That did the job. Thanks for the help.

I didn’t have enough honor to get any of the races…mainly because I had spent it getting the newly-locked goodies for the fleets first. Oops!!!