[BUG][WIN]AI in Custom game doing nothing

Is there new “hire the mob” option - did I kill my AI/Competitor? :slight_smile:

Have an AI in Custom game that is not doing anything, despite being on “hard”.
I was investigating AI behavior using Industrial Espionage and I got a “dud”.

I’ve let it run a long, long time, and the AI does nothing - no drugs made, no research in action, no ingredients explored (or upgraded).
game time show 1hr and 17 minutes. (Aug 13, 2019). I’ve made drugs, upgraded, discovered drugs, researched items. AI don’t care.

I can see the ingredients AI started w/ (we each started w/ 5 - I have 1 it doesn’t and it had one I haven’t discovered). It hasn’t changed.
I can see all of AI items under Research and none of them have changed.

It has no revenue and no cost on “Company” tab. It is doing nothing.

(note I did bump the cost down to $0 for many things - scientist, research, ingredients - if that might be the cause).

Here’s the AI info from .sav file:

"ais": [{
	"aiName": "penny",
	"aiCompetence": 10,
	"researcherLeaning": 4,
	"explorerLeaning": 4,
	"locationSway": 1,
	"currentPlotPrice": 0,
	"changeInCapital": 0,
	"leftoverSpace": 60,
	"leftoverSockets": 2.5,
	"currentLines": [],
	"currentlyResearching": [],
	"currentlyExploring": [],
	"currentlyBuilding": null,
	"nResearchers": 0,
	"nExplorers": 0,
	"lastPatentTick": 0

Ha ha, that’s interesting. Does not surprise me, as I first said when I introduced custom games, I decided to go for a super flexible approach where I couldn’t possibly allow for every permutation. It is definitely possible to come up with something that breaks the AI.

If you send me an export of your custom game settings that made this happen, I can fix it. The .map file will be in C:\users<username>\documents\my games\maps… support@twicecircled.com

Email sent w/ .map file, thanks.

As noted in email, think it is one of the cost items being zero that messed up the AI.
I bumped all costs up slightly, ran a new game and the AI was normal.