[BUG][XBOX] No Scrolling in Company tab. I can't see all my products

I’m playing on Xbox One S with Marketing & Marketplace enabled, the scenario is Intermediate - Show me the money.
The Company Tab only shows the first 12 products properly. The 13th products information line is partially obstructed (the right part, starting from the Stock column) by the Objectives bar. The 14th product is almost entirely obscured the the Tabs bar- I can only see the left-most part of its name.
There seems to be a blue scrolling bar to the right of the screen but it doesn’t always appear and when it does appear it never works (i.e. it doesn’t scroll the product list).

Here’s a link to a screenshot of the situation:

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game- it didn’t solve the problem.

Having the same issue on PS4, seems like no point to making a lot of product when you can’t even see them.