Bugs and other small quirks I have found

Looking through the scripts, I’ve found a lot of misspelled words and grammatical errors. For instance “i completed a successful operation!” with ‘I’ not being in caps.
Some career’s that work in the same location still have different commute times. If I’m a Junior Doctor at Alabaster Hospital and I have to commute 5 miles, how come when I become a regular doctor at Alabaster Hospital, the commute becomes 20 miles? Occassionally, it has snowed in odd months as well. Mainly, the problem is a lot of typos and incorrect text. Also, this isn’t really a bug, but you need to use another song for the main menu. Using a 10 second looping clip isn’t really spectacular. How come when I come home from work and take a bath, that’s all I have time to do? I’m taking 5 hour baths and can’t go out to dinner with a friend too?

It should also be easier to get rid of bothersome ‘friends’. They can get rid of me but I can’t get rid of them. We should also be able to meet new people more easily. For instance, going to a group activity except going Solo, you would have a high chance of meeting someone who shares the same interests as you.

Who stays on the main screen for very long? I didn’t even notice that it was a short looped sound until you pointed it out… heh!

You can… I don’t keep friends that have negative effects, I get rid of them by just pretending they aren’t there and not inviting them anywhere and always rejecting their invites. They get the hint pretty quickly. :smiley: I know you’re referring to a more quicker way (like an end relationship button) but it works just the same. /shrug.

the different jobs are at different ‘sites’ for the same employer. Just in the same way that in my last job, they had offices all over the place at one point. This is necessary, because one of the balancing factors in the game is to place better paid jobs farther away, to encourage you to drive or get other stuff (mp3 player, umbrella) to make the commute less of a pain.

The game is designed to be symbolic, rather than accurate. It’s assumed you have a bath or shower more often than you do in the game :smiley: It’s just symbolic of the time you dedicate to cleanliness. Just like most people watch some TV every day, this is the way the game sticks to it’s one decision per day metaphor.

I’ll get every spelling error fixed that I encounter, I may have missed some because there is TONS of text in the game, and it’s just me, but I appreciate them being pointed out.

What would you think of allowing us to remove friends though and finding new ones easier?

Oh yes, another bug I found. Apon making a custom town name, you can only make one letter (The first) Capitalized. This means if I wanted to create a town named for example, Gulf Highland, it would end up Gulf highland.

Here is the bug with town name changes, it doesn’t always change for everything. For example, it says I work for the Alabaster Police Department, but on some other jobs it says Lightwater and then there is this:

Tarzan!? My name isn’t Tarzan!



I think you’ll find that Tarzan is your friend’s nickname for you :slight_smile: My mates were always calling me genius and braniac.

Wayno, more slothenly than usual

Maybe because I’m energetic and fit! Good to know that this is a feature, and not a bug.

I also noticed in Version Patch 2, that instead of it being “Lightwater Park” it has turned into “the local park” which is fine!

Another bug I encountered is when I uninstalled to patch and I created a new character, I got the whole “You found a new activity!” thing for about 15 activities. While I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, what ended up happening made my ears bleed. Since it made the ding sound at the same time for all 15 of them, it was so loud it shook the room quite literally! The ding needs to be toned down a lot!

Tarzan is a nickname if you are fit. There are lists of them in strings.ini, so you can edit them if you don’t like it :D.

But how about the dings?

That sounds like a bug that I’m looking into now.