Known Bugs (that I'm fixing now)


Ok, a few small bugs slipped the net. The one I have just had reported and am fixing now is for you getting the previous games reminders for evening classes if you start a game, then start another game.

Another is related to a crash bug when starting a second game (without restarting the whole program).

Once I’ve fixed these I’ll put together a patch for the full version, and update the demo.


Ok, some issues have been found if your NOT running Windows XP, fixing those too…


These issues should all be fixed in version 1.02

heres the patch:

and new buyers will get 1.02 automatically. See the bottom left of the main menu screen for your version number.


Two known bugs:

a) a save game crash, that I’m looking at today.

b) a clash with certain nvdia drivers seemingly causing random crashes. Deselecting the music checkbox in the games options menu should fix this while we look for a more established fix.


Ok identified one save game bug, and working on a patch now.
heres the workaround:
Never save the game immediately after starting a new job. leave it at least 1 full day. You need at least 1 days work history or when the games loaded it in, it thinks theres a bug (there isnt really, 0 is valid, but it doesnt realise).
Patch for it coming soon.


All sorts of fixes:


Ok the keyboard practicing has a bug in it. that will be fixed today. its a tiny little thing. Also theres a bug with the earnings and tips stuff (and finance) sometimes going wrong in entertainment jobs. Thats also going to be fixed in 1.05.
Gah! the sooner this is all rock solid and I can start adding stuff the better.


theres a save game crash bug concerning relationships. Ive found it, and know how to fix it, but save games that exhibit it are unsalvageable I’m afraid ;(
should be fixed today though.


And this version should fix it:

Old save games can’t be loaded I’m afraid ;(


Ok new bug found, a crash with some of the top jobs (Cosmetic surgeon and some legal jobs)

I’m fixing that now. (will be in 1.08)


Ok patch 1.08 is on the main page now, and im slowly uploading new full and demo versions.

Recent changes:

[code]1.07 Fixed bug where advanced botany required knowledge of advanced botany. Botanys hard, but not impossible right?
Fixed Mod Support for jobs so that job duration is loaded in correctly.
Added a fix for rare case of relationship corruption in save games
Enabled expand toggle for the skills window to view skills if you have more than thirty
Fixed cosmetic bug where link icon on post-mortem screen has the wrong highlight texture
Added mousewheel control for the socialise and solo activity dialogs

1.08 Fixed crashes for some top-end jobs, and supported adding skills as a job performance factor now
Fixed for bug where you might get multiple messages from a romantic partner when you snub them and lose them.
Windows Vista should now be detected as XP with regards to MyDocuments folders etc.[/code]


1.09 is in the works, bugs reported and fixed so far:

Fixed missing paintball description Fixed some faulty job salary data Fixed bug where NPCs don't improve at bowling. Game no longer runs at 99% of CPU when not topmost window in windowed mode. Changed to a different sound engine entirely to fix the crashes with some drivers. You can now do two activities a day at the weekend, or if unemployed or ill.


new one, just missed out of 1.1a

Rain sound doesn’t loop correctly. Will be fixed in next patch (after 1.1a)


the bug where your job seems to dissapear when you load in some save games will be fixed in version 1.11.


I have just bought this game KUDOS today 18.8.2006 and i saved the game i was playing but when i went back to continue the game it hadnt saved it…so please could you let me know what is going on !!! (i live in Australia but at one time i lived only 20 miles from Slough…small world eh!) :confused:


i forgot to mention but every time i try and install the patch it says it has failed !!!


Uuuh… What sound?
This game has sound?


err yes, all sorts of sounds. Is it turned off under options???


Hmm… Just checked and it’s all turned on properly, but the volume was set up at zero. I’ve never been into the options screen at all. Didn’t actually realise there was one.

I previously installed the demo before buying the game. I don’t remember that having sound, either.


yup, just found that bug, and fixing it now.