Campaign Anomolies

I just ran into something that I think needs to be addressed, I went to go attack a planet with my fleet and I get told that some of my ships have no engines, which isnt true. I look and I see that only my Frigates left for that planet, and I get hit with a fighter spam and lose all my frigates because I wasnt made aware that I couldnt take my cruisers to that planet, and I couldn’t cancel the attack after I found out.

I would suggest the ability to move your fleet around an infinite amount of times prior to you pressing the End Turn button.

I guess you moved your fleet to a planet, where is too much radiation for fighters, therefore computer will split your fleet and fighters will stay at home. Planets with anomalies have those small icons, so you can read what anomaly is there and recalculate your tactics.

Yea, I realized that afterwards, but the icons are covered up by the name boxes, which are on by default

I quite like the idea of being to re-do a move order before hitting end turn. That is actually probably a ton more code than you would imagine, but I can definitely see how it’s a good idea.

I’m changing this:

to this:

So at least the anomaly icons are not obscured by the planet names now…

I can’t see them. What do the anomaly icons look like?

Well I see a “no fighters” icon over planet Dayamun, and “no cruisers” over planet Metagoro. At least that’s what I assume the Federation fighter and cruiser hulls with a red slash represent.

Thanks. It’s not that they aren’t there, it’s that I didn’t know what they meant. I don’t recognize the hulls well enough to pick up those at a distance, but I bet a mouse over will work, right?

Yes they do, but I think they need more explaining in the tutorial and in the manual.
I hate tutorials that take 40 minuets to go through before you can play, so try to avoid packing too much in them. You will notice if you go to drop a fleet on a system like that, the arrow goes orange and a popup tooltip warns you what is going to happen. I guess it’s too little too late, at that point.

Ideally I’d allow you to cancel a movement order, that’s on my list, but it’s not trivial at all, in code terms. Not if I plan on avoiding it introducing exciting new bugs.