Campaign Leader Board

Just a suggestion for when Cliff gets a “spare” few days.

A Leader board detailing the Player, Race and how fast (weeks) he/she conquered the Galaxy.

Just a thought & Cliff may even have it in mind…

So far my best is just under 170 weeks. I went pure fighter pile, with an offset of i thin 80 fast-missile cruisers and 20 fast CL cruisers

I have yet to complete a game, I keep “cheating”, shutting down & restarting when I get my arse kicked.

Just a thought on the leader board idea, I’m sure Cliff can figure out when I start a battle & then shut down. Perhaps apply a turn penalty for each restart? say 10 turns? Enough to make you pause & maybe prefer to see the battle through.

I’m thinking about this, I just updated the stats page: … scores.php
As I speak it shows this:

Total player-designed online challenge fleets:


New challenges posted in last 24 hours:


Challenge victories in the last 24 hours:


New survival mode scores in the last 24 hours:


Challenges fought in the last 24 hours:


Total challenge battles to date:


Total campaign battles to date:


I’ll try to get a campaign leaderboard done too, but I think I need to tweak it to be easier first. The vast vast majority of campaign outcomes are defeats :smiley:

lol, yes there is some tweeking to be done, but I think I’ve got it beaten. Maybe…

Heh, well i have a save game file at 224 turns, and i’ll see if i can turn up my under 200 round file. GL beating that!