Can't see Potential Ministers, Quarterly Reports

I’ve been having the same issues other users report concerning full screen, but got that (mostly) resolved by setting the prefs file to my resolution. However, I can’t exactly get very far in a game without seeing who I could replace disloyal cabinet members with or what affected me on a given turn!

Hi please explain further, you say you can’t ‘see’ these two screens? in what way? is your game window bigger than your monitor?

The content on them is entirely blank. I recently got some minor graphical glitches (small boxes next to options on the options menu) to resolve by matching the prefs file to my monitor size (1280x720) but there is no content on either of those pages. All of the events of the quarter don’t display (though the quote at the bottom does) and all the information on the potential cabinet members/ministers page is blank though names can be seen if I hover in the right place.

(Note that my screens aren’t actually off center. The forum is cropping them.)

I see elsewhere the minimum certain graphical engines need in the game is 768. The aforementioned screens work at that resolution but my maximum resolution for that dimension tops out at 720 so a good 15 or so percent of the bottom of the screen can’t be accessed. This is all being done in windowed mode. I can’t get it to do anything but crash on start running it in fullscreen. So at the moment I’m stuck between rendering one part of the game unplayable or the other.

Playing with it a little more I believe I’ve solved it. I disabled my support/settings for multiple monitors/imputs and that opened up my resolution settings. I was then able to run it at the minimum needed to get all the graphics up and running.

Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem (15% can’t be accessed) please can you explain how you fixed it?