Car Pricing | Conditional Pricing = Efficient Discounts

Car Pricing
The problem that I seem to be having with this is that sudden market fluctuations plus additional overhead costs make the gross profit percentage vary wildly as I play the game leading to unpredictable profit margins.

When I try to set discounts it forces me to monitor profit margins on each car model to ensure I’m not selling cars at a loss.

What I have been doing currently is pricing each model to the maximum setting within each price range and adding whatever features I can fit onto that car model within that price range so that the gross profit value is higher than the component cost value then setup discounts to increase by 5% every few hours to decrease the sale price until the car model is sold to get the maximum sale price possible.

I’m not sure how it works currently, but the game is constantly chiming at me about how my car models are priced wrong. I’m not really sure of the best way to figure out how to price cars other than doing what I mentioned above. Any tips?


Conditional Pricing

  • The idea is that you can set a maximum price for a car model, and then set a minimum gross profit percentage that you would like to get out of the sale.

If there are no problems the car would normally sell at the maximum price range above the minimum gross profit percentage target.

Efficient Discounts

  • The player would then know what the maximum discount percentage can be on the car model and set discounts that do not go below the minimum gross profit target. By offering discounts that are still above the gross profit target but below the maximum price range for the car model, the player can set discounts in a much more efficient way as they are a percentage of the total sale price.

If a car model’s production cost is too high to get the targeted gross profit percentage that the player set, the game could then notify the player so that they can reduce the features on the car model, to lower the production costs, or connect a component manufacturing station to the stockpile to reduce component costs for that model.

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As a side issue, I don’t think the game handles capital investment into the gross profit calculations as effectively as it could. After capital investment, the gross profit margins may go into the red, but this isn’t taking into account spreading out those investments over time, as in the real world. You need to wait a bit and check them again, prior to adjustment.

I’m not suggesting PDev change anything in this regard. I’m assuming he’s not a CPA, and accounting is not the point of the game, so quick and dirty accounting calculations are to be expected (by me, a CPA).

Gaming in small period converts to looking at car prices and changing it to profit values. Why there is no option to set price by profit value? It will be great if I can chose 15% profit price for model and do not open this window for a long time.