Casino Bug?


I’ve attached a picture of my character’s latest trip to the casino. He just won $100, but his happiness and excitement went down because of it. Any ideas why?


As the happiness is (apparently) determined by your winnings relative to your income, perhaps winning that much as a waiter caused a variable overflow, however I would expect it to be higher, along the lines of “-31” or some such, not “-1”.

Either that or your waiter was highly suspicious of the winning and perhaps felt he was being duped (just how high is his optimism? :D)

Wayno, always breaks even at the casino


That might explain why I haven’t been able to duplicate it yet…my character has moved on to a better job as a Junior Lawyer. I’ll have to try this again with a new character at some point and see what happens.

As for his Optimism, it’s much higher than mine is, that’s for sure! :^)


We could do with a better slot machine in the game :slight_smile:

…and being able to play it more then 5 times a night

Maybe because your guy is a “Calm Waiter” he didn’t get excited easily, or perhaps because he has a blue haired partner, purple plums(?) just don’t do it for him :slight_smile:


Since there are some people who have an interest in roulette, would it be possible to add in a roulette wheel type “game” in the casino? If you go to the casino, you can choose to play either the roulette wheel, the slot machines, or both. The slot machine game is already done…the roulette wheel couldn’t be too much more difficult. Bet on white/black/number, and then see what happens.

Would this be possible to mod into the game somehow? Any ideas how to mod a gambling event into the scripting files?


Blackjack would be a fun addition to the casino. Have seen it as a mini-game in several other games I’ve played.